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biggest controversy connected with this mysterious species is linked to their brains. French scientists, connected with France's Natural History Museum and Paris-Descartes University, conducted research regarding the origins of the being dubbed 'Hobbit. Another interesting factor of the, homo floresiensis is that when the researchers of the Smithsonian analyzed the Hobbits wrists, they found a primitive, wedge-shaped trapezoid bone common to great apes and early hominids but not to Neanderthals and modern humans. When the sea rose, it cut them off and they had no way to return to the continent. Source: ads new homo dating app John Gurche, National Museum of Natural History, CC BY-SA By Natalia Klimczak). Smithsonian's Human Origins website, the individuals stood approximately 3 feet 6 inches (1.07meters) tall, weighed about 25 kilos (55 pounds and had small brains with large teeth. Homo floresiensis were descendants of, homo erectus who arrived to the island of Java, Indonesia. Their bodies were said to have evolved to smaller sizes because the island did not provide enough food.
  • Study Says that Hobbits of Flores Island Are Not Homo
  • Homo floresiensis (the "Hobbit skull. ( CC BY.0 ) "So far, we have been basing our conclusions on images where you don't really see very much. There is a lot of information contained in bone layers of the skull.
  • Archaeologists also showed that. Homo floresiensis (the "Hobbit skull. Although, Homo floresiensis were unveiled to the world on October 28, 2004, they still hold many secrets.
  • Antoine Balzeau to AFP, the researchers assert that their results from the examination of the skull prove that there is no evidence for the Hobbits being small humans with a genetic disease. The aim of the work was to find evidence of the original human migration of. Tolkien's books, but continue to be one of the most serious scientific problems of our times.

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